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There’s a Good Chance You’ve Already Seen Our Work.

We have 100+ clients in Greater Cleveland and are slowly making our way across the USA and abroad.


We’re Different.
We do it for the love of it.

“After 20+ years, it’s still hard to imagine that I get paid to do this.”- Brian Petti

It shows in our work

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, Brian Petti has 20+ years of experience in management, website design, e-commerce, and digital marketing. He leverages this expertise when partnering with local and national businesses to develop creative digital marketing solutions that produce measurable, sustainable results. Concrete examples of those results can be seen in his portfolio for companies such as Hudec Dental, Simple Solutions, Cleveland Construction, Fox 8, and Case Western Reserve University, among many others.


Orchard chooses to work on a limited number of projects because this enables us to form closer ties with clients. The results are significant. Our company’s deliberately small size allows us to put forth 100% effort and passion into every single project. Clients are more to us than just numbers on a spreadsheet; we take pride in providing the highest quality, personal customer service. Our expertise ensures that the final product looks great and is specifically designed to increase sales.

What Our Customers Say:

“Simple Solutions has been working with Brian since 2009 and we couldn’t be happier. He created our original Simple Solutions website then later our Summer Solutions website which is an e-commerce site allowing parents to place orders online. He has been a key asset for all of our digital marketing needs.”
simple solutions website design testimonial
Tom Bucco, I.T. Manager, Simple Solutions

“We have used Orchard Designs for years for our corporate website. I have found them to be creative, very responsive, and extremely reliable for not only creating our website but maintaining it as well. I have used other firms and this is definitely a stand out. I would recommend them over and over again.”
weston inc website design testimonial
Suzanne Broadbest, Marketing Manager, Weston Inc.
“Orchard Designs is an excellent web design company. Our company has been working with Orchard Designs for over 10 years on developing various websites for our business – both large and small scale projects. I would high recommend Orchard for your next website development project.”
cleveland construction website design testimonial
Shawn Zbasnik, Marketing Manager, Cleveland Construction
“We have been utilizing Orchard Designs for a couple years now and have had nothing but the best experience. He is extremely helpful, prompt with his work, responsive to questions and very educated. I strongly recommend them!”
hudec dental website design testimonial
Rachel Pompeani, Marketing Manager, Hudec Dental